Welcome to Prof. Jie Yao's research group at the University of California, Berkeley.

Our group is focused on the design, fabrication and characterization of novel optical materials and explore their applications in various areas including nanophotonics, plasmonics, and optoelectronics.


Recent News:

03/2019: Shancheng's paper on "GeO2 Encapsulated Ge Nanostructure with Enhanced Lithium‐Storage Properties" was published in Advanced Functional Materials.

08/2018: Yang's paper on "All‐Silicon Broadband Ultraviolet Metasurfaces" was published in Advanced Materials.

08/2018: Kyle's paper on "Solution-Based, Template-Assisted Realization of Large-Scale Graphitic ZnO" was published in ACS Nano. This work has been selected by ACS Nano editors in Editors' highlights .

04/2018: Our recent valleytronic work has been reported by ScienceDaily and Nanowerk .

04/2018: Shuren's paper on "Accessing valley degree of freedom in bulk Tin(II) sulfide at room temperature" was published in Nat. Commun.. This work has been selected by Nature Communications editors in Editors' highlights .

04/2018: Kaichen's paper on "Subwavelength light confinement and enhancement enabled by dissipative dielectric nanostructures" was published in Opt. Lett..

02/2018: Zilun's paper on "High-efficiency, water-loaded microwave antenna in ultra-high-frequency band" was published in Appl. Phys. Lett..

02/2018: Shuai's paper on "Three-dimensional Architecture Enabled by Strained Two-dimensional Material Heterojunction" was published in Nano Lett..

02/2018: Xi's paper on "Multifunctional Microelectro-Opto-mechanical Platform Based on Phase-Transition Materials" was published in Nano Lett..

02/2018: Kaichen's paper on "0.2-Volt microelectromechanical switch enabled by a phase transition" was published in Small. Cover highlight.

12/2017: Kaichen's paper on "A Lithography‐Free and Field‐Programmable Photonic Metacanvas" was published in Advanced Materials. Back cover highlight.

07/2017: Yanping's paper on "Alloying effect on bright–dark exciton states in ternary monolayer Mox W1–x Se2" was published in New Journal of Physics.

09/2016: Xi's paper on "Tunable Bragg filters with a phase transition material defect layer" was published in Opt. Express.

06/2016: Xi's paper on "Excitation and propagation of surface plasmon polaritons on a non-structured surface with gradient permittivity" was published in Light-Sci. Appl..

4/2016: Professor Yao was named Bakar Fellow. Congratulations! Link

3/2016: Professor Yao received the SPIE Early Career Achievement Award. Congratulations! Link

12/2015: Yanping's paper on "Dynamic Control of Optical Response in Layered Metal Chalcogenide Nanoplates" was published online by Nano Lett.. Congratulations! Link

12/2015: Professor Yao has won the National Science Foundation CAREER Award for his proposal “Electric Field Localization and Enhancement at Optical Frequencies Enabled by Material’s Dissipation.” Congratulations! Link